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In order for us to deliver a high quality legal transcription service that meets the requirements of both clients and legal professionals, we make use of the latest state of the art equipment, technology and software.

We have an experienced team of proof readers, quality analysts, editors and transcriptionists, who work together to ensure that whatever the legal requirements, the correct legal terminology is used, and that the document provided is a legally correct letter. We can provide accurate documentation for everything from property or divorce proceedings, solicitor’s letters, court transcripts, client letters, legal pleadings, reports and also general correspondence.

Mediation is the most common form of alternative dispute resolution in the construction industry

 It involves the participation of a professional mediator to assist parties in dispute to reach a settlement.

Domestic properties for renting need to be maintained and above all clean and fresh with a full cleaning service by now.

We can dedicate one of our experienced construction claims consultants to progress the resolution you require. Many of our claims involve services within the home which have been carried out poorly or have caused problems after completion, many of these issues are concerning plumbing or heating within the home. If you have an emergency plumbing issue in your home call 020 8888 3686 and speak to an experienced plumber in London now.

Reduce your winter energy bills by installing some solar panels on your roof with the help of a local renewable energy provider. Generate electricity through a renewable energy source and cut your carbon footprint.


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